September Artwork and Plushies

King of Red Lions Plushie

This months artwork update features another three great pieces from our friends at North Castle. Additionally, there are two awesome plushies that were submitted this month.

~ Zelda Fan Artwork ~
Nabooru by CrazyFreak
Princess Agitha by Sarah888
Twilight Minish by Tawny

~ Zelda Plushies ~
King of Red Lions Plush by Juumou
Moosh Plush by Juumou

I really like the Twilight Minish image. I think it is very creative and very well done. Both other pieces of artwork are also pretty cool. On the plushies side of things, Juumou did an amazing job and I particularly like the King of Red Lions plush. It is true to its form from The Wind Waker and just looks really cool.

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