wandgamelonmini Previously in Secrets of the CD-i Part 1, we talked about the cutscene designs and how some of that train wreck came to be. Now it’s time to talk about the sprites of enemies and just how accurate they are to the beloved games of yore. Click the jump below for more.

Here’s a link to Part 1 if you missed it: Part 1

It may surprise you just how accurate these guys went with their portrayals. There are a few liberties here and there, but nothing seems like they weren’t paying attention to the games. Let’s list them off, shall we?

Note, this list only contains enemies that are based off the original two games, the English manuals, and their respective comic appearances. No original enemy is on the list.
The CD-i sprites are to the left of the table, while the references which the team had are in the middle, starting with the manual art on the left, moving to the comic art on the right. I then write my verdict on the design.

Click on the image to zoom in for better detail.
CDI enemy sprites2

Next time, we will look at the sprite art for some of the major characters, and the terms which the games name dropped. Join us for the final part of Secrets of the CD-i!