A new gameplay mode has been added to Super Smash Bros. via an update in Japan, and Sakurai has finally attempted to explain the mode to us English speakers. I have to say that I don’t totally understand the mode even after seeing an explanation. I mean, I can take a few guesses at what it adds up to, but the way he talked about it was if we are supposed to actually know what this mode already is. Interesting, considering this is the first time we’ve heard about it in English. That being said, I’ll leave you his quotes for you to decipher.

“Pic of the day. Now that the game is out in Japan, the Conquest mode will be available in online multiplayer in the Japanese version. This is what the title screen will look like for the overseas version. In this mode, the game aggregates global wins among specific teams during a limited time and determines the victor. If you choose a participating fighter from the With Anyone option, you’ll automatically participate in Conquest. We’ll be running Conquest in beta for a while.

Also, Conquest data where players seem to be losing on purpose will be removed from the calculations. And lastly, there’s no point in working on this mode too much on your own, so don’t overdo it…” — Masahiro Sakurai

So, can you explain the entirety of this mode? I know I can’t.

Source: Miiverse

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