Now, as I’ll say for pretty much any news that doesn’t come straight from Nintendo or a publisher – including the recent Wii successor rumors, which if you’ve followed the constant stream of “updates” on major sites like IGN seem to be just stealing rumors from each other rather than hearing things from actual “sources” (but that’s just me!) – this is a rumor, so take this report with a massive pile of salt.

Nonetheless, voice actor Peter Dickson, who’s reportedly providing the talent for one of the major characters of the upcoming Wii megagiant RPG Xenoblade Chronicles, Tweeted earlier that he’s just finished voice recording for his character. Okay, that’s good and well, but what’s more interesting is that he dropped a very rough release window of September:

Just finished my voice acting on Xenoblade Chronicles The Biggest RPG for the Wii. I play emperor Sorean the emperor of high Entia. Out Sept

Really, now? Honestly I was hoping for an early summer release, possibly as late as July, to get itself out there before a late summer or early fall release for Skyward Sword. But I’ll take September – better than nothing at all. What somewhat concerns me, though, is that if this is true, with Nintendo hoping to space out their releases in terms of genre so as to avoid direct competition among their titles, would this mean that Skyward Sword is going to hit sooner or later than September? I guess we should wait to see how this rumor pans out first before we speculate too much, but it’s an important question that Xenoblade hopefuls are going to have to ask themselves if they want to see Skyward Sword hit sometime before the next school year. Bear in mind this is just for Europe – we still have no idea if the localization plans to make its way overseas as of yet.

Who knew April would be such a big month for rumo- oh wait.

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