With E3 almost upon us, it’s no wonder we’re getting a ton of rumors lately. No doubt all the big announcements are being saved for the upcoming press conferences – which also lends itself to a number of leaks. Today we’re getting reports that Mistwalker-developed, Nintendo-published JRPG The Last Story, directed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, may actually be coming to Western shores after all according to a rumored statement from an unnamed Nintendo of Europe representative.

While this is by no means a confirmed statement, it does make sense given the plans we already know exist to bring over Xenoblade Chronicles, another previously-unlocalized RPG that’s due out in Europe and possibly the States this September. One has to wonder when Nintendo would plan to release it, since it seems unlikely that they’d want to cram their late-2011 Wii release schedule with a bunch of RPGs, but then with only a couple confirmed Wii games coming up this year – Wii Play Motion, Kirby, and Skyward Sword – filling up the void with newly-localized games might be their best bet going into the holidays.

Source: JRPGtribe via GoNintendo

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