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Ever since rumors started surfacing about Project Cafe, we have all had hopes and dreams about the launch lineup and feature games for the console. We dream up countless visions of perfect games, and pray to the Nintendo Gods that we will not have another 3DS launch lineup. Now, we have a rumor from The Great Gaming Crusade that a new Super Smash Bros. game will be featured at E3 exclusively for Cafe. Now, is this plausible, or is it just another one of Nathan’s wet dreams?

Super Smash Bros. is the


dream of every hardcore Nintendo fan. It’s the only game that brings together such unique Nintendo franchises as Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, Kirby, and pretty much anything else you can think of. But does it make sense for the Cafe? Of course. Every Smash Bros. game to date has been immensely popular, becoming a must have on its current console. So, naturally, it should come out on Cafe eventually. Will it be in the launch lineup? I sure hope so, and I don’t see why not. People love Smash Bros. It’s the perfect way to introduce the fans of every Nintendo franchise to their familiar favorites in HD.

This is Nintendo we’re talking about. They can’t do anything without innovating it, and Smash Bros. is no different. Typically, innovation in Super Smash Bros. comes in the form of additional playable characters. But what characters should be added? Well, some are no brainers, like Waluigi or an updated Pokemon Trainer with new Pokemon. But there are some others that are slightly less obvious. For Zelda fans, there’s Zant, Midna with the Fused Shadow, and, of course, Tingle. From the Super Mario Galaxy games, we could add Rosalina, or possibly a Luma. But we have to remember that all Smash Bros. characters don’t have to come from Nintendo(see Snake and Sonic). So, what do we have to dream about from third-party games? Megaman anyone?

So, to recap: Should Cafe get a Smash Bros. game? Eventually. Should it be in the launch lineup? Hopefully. What are the possibilities for new characters? Endless. But the major question is: how do hardcore gamers feel about Smash Bros. on the Cafe? Well, in the words of our webmaster and site owner Nathan, “It makes me wet.”

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