GameMaster Triforce, a legendary Nintendo fan notorious for being one of the first people to receive a Nintendo 3DS retail unit, recently attended the same Ocarina of Time 3D preview event where we learned about the updated Master Quest, Boss Challenge Mode, and the Visions hint system, and he apparently got a chance to talk to Nintendo’s localization division about the timeline. What they reportedly revealed may startle you… that is, unless you subscribe to my brand of timeline – the “legends” theory. Check it out:

Yes, there is actually a timeline arc that goes with the actual game [sic]… [Then, about why they don’t clarify the timeline] If they create a timeline that brings the entire arc together, then the legend is no longer a legend. It’s just a story… We’ve literally brought the games and tried to put together the game storylines together ourselves. That’s a part of the legend. That’s a part of the immersiveness of the actual game. So Nintendo is leaving us, leaving our imaginations up to put together our own stories.

What can I say? I’ve been a fan of the “the timeline is a series of interconnecting legends, and outside of the major story arcs it’s up to our imaginations to piece it together” idea for awhile now, and to hear that apparently that’s the official word over at Nintendo is… well, it’s exhilarating to say the least. Now, I’m aware that this is just hearsay, as we don’t have an actual quote directly from a Nintendo source – but honestly, the way he’s wording his understanding of the explanation sounds too much like something Nintendo would actually say.

Couple this with the fact that Nintendo’s stock email response about the timeline has changed from “there is no complete timeline” to something that very much rings true to this sentiment – that they leave much of the story interpretation up to the fans – and I think this is enough to more or less confirm the “legends” theory. As Aonuma said with regard to Twilight Princess, not every game is a “true and complete sequel” – they don’t all connect perfectly. But nonetheless, they’re all designed as part of the same Hyrule universe, part of the same megatext that is The Legend of Zelda series.

Either way, this is the Internet – sometimes the fastest way to get information is through unofficial channels. I’m fairly confident that this guy’s not just talking out of his ass, but are you? Let me know what you guys think!

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