This is one of those rumors that is completely awesome in theory, but the source is not even remotely reliable. Wait, doesn’t that describe 75% of all rumors around this time of the year? Anyways, rumor has it that Alex Jaich, a fan of Zelda Universe, submitted a news tip about a friend who is practicing with his school choir for the performance earlier today. Here is what was said in the news tip:

Greetings ZU Staff,

I wanted to let you in on some info on Nintendo’s press conference. My classmate at a southern California university CSUF will be performing with his choir at E3. Today is a rehearsal at the university. Monday night is his dress rehearsal. He has informed me that the music is for Skyward Sword. That’s all I have. Enjoy the choir and E3.

Best wishes,

Alex Jaich

What could this imply if true? Well, it would certainly be a unique take, and it could suggest potential choir pieces mixed in with the music in game. It could also simply be a brilliant marketing ploy. Either way, we know Zelda is going to play a prominent role at this year’s E3, so I wont rule anything out. I have to say, a live choir would definitely be a unique experience. One can hope, right? We’ll be there live to fill you in on all the details. Thanks goes out to Sam O for the news tip.

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