While we don’t generally support anyone playing ROMs, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn some interesting information from dissecting the game’s code further. In this case it appears we have confirmation that there is (or was) DLC planned to be inserted into Super Smash Bros. for 3DS… in the way of stages. While there are no hints at what these stages could be, it does mean the door is wide open on the possibilities. It should be noted that this information has not be fully verified, and naturally nothing is official until Nintendo says it is. Even if it was planned at some point, it doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

It does seem like a safe bet, however, and Nintendo has been adding DLC to their biggest titles (Mario Kart 8 most recently). Here are the details according to NeoGAF:

Proof of DLC.

The following text appears in the Sm4sh Rom Dump:

Set the stages that won’t appear, even when selection is set to random.

All Off

All On

Turn all stages off.

Make all stages available when using random stage selection.

See stages you have downloaded.

See all regular stages.

Select OFF to exclude this stage from random stage selection.

Select ON to include this stage in random stage selection.

It matches the stage selection in additional rules perfectly.

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Source: NeoGAF

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