Revolution Day 2009

Does July 16th mean anything to you? Because here at ZeldaInformer, it

carries a lot of significance. Way back in June of 2007, plans were being

made amongst a group of people—plans for a revolution—a

revolution in Zelda theorizing and community. On the 16th of

July 2007 those plans were made global when ZeldaInformer finally launched.

That’s right folks, today marks our presence on the internet for two

whole years. Happy Revolution Day everyone!

For two years now, the staff of ZeldaInformer have been honored to be able to bring you Bombers articles, Zelda game content, Zelda news, community forums and numerous other things. As we move into the future, and past these two years, expect lots more from ZeldaInformer.

Around here we’re going to be celebrating this day for the whole week. It may be the site’s second birthday, but don’t stress, you don’t have to give us any presents – you can if you want to though. Instead, as a taste of what the future holds for ZeldaInformer, we’re going to give you the gifts throughout the week, with big surprises at the end. Be sure to keep a watch over the next week for what we’ve got planned.

Zelda Informer Revolution Day 2009There will always be something special that happens on Revolution Day:

July 16th 2007: ZeldaInformer Founded.

July 16th 2008
: ZeldaInformer/Absolute Zelda merger announced, switched to Movable Type, and domain name changed from to

July 16th 2009: What will happen?

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