The only thing that is bad about this trailer is that it’s clearly recorded live, giving too much background noise and not showing the visuals at their full resolution. Thankfully, however, we have screenshots to sate the taste buds. For the last two days people have been buzzing at just how gorgeous Resident Evil is looking, so lets finally just get right into it. Not convinced to step inside yet? Than just gander at this, and know much more is after the jump:


Looks nice doesn’t it? Now just imagine that that image quality is still “piss poor”, because it was clearly just ripped from several of the youtube videos running around. Here is what it looks like at full resolution:


Impressive isn’t it? I really have no idea why I we have ignored this game for so long, but here are some more high quality screenshots from Japan last December:









After drooling over those, another thing we can drool over is the fact that this game will be available very shortly after the 3DS launches in Japan, and possibly could make it in as a launch title stateside. An official announcement on the release date is to come soon, possibly at the Nintendo World event January 19th stateside. In case anyone has forgotten, we can do this all over again with what we call “superior” coverage later this month, as we can to play around with the english versions of the games and conduct our own interviews instead of waiting on translations from Japan. Also, naturally, what they have to say at the stateside event is more useful to us, especially when looking at launch windows.

Keep in mind that this edition of Resident Evil is a “remake” of the console releases with a lot of new content added on. However, many people may be seeing the products for the first time, since the releases these are based on were not present on Nintendo systems. All I know is that this game is being touted as “stealing the show” in Japan.

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