It’s one of the most famous Ocarina of Time Easter Eggs: the paintings of Mario & Co. from Super Mario 64 and other N64-era Mario titles. Many have wondered if this neat reference would be preserved in the 3DS remake – after all, the N64 is several years out the door, and a ton of other Mario madness has arrived in the years that have followed. Well, if you’re curious to find out what became of this classic moment, take a look for yourself…

In case you didn’t get the hint – SPOILERS BELOW, CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK

Disclaimer: I do not personally possess a press copy of Ocarina of Time 3D, so I did not discover this, and I did not capture this image, so please don’t ask me to look at anything else in the game (as I won’t get the chance for another week or two). I’m reposting this from Daniel Horkan over at DailyJoypad.

SPOILER INSIDE: Click here to seeTriforce_button.png

Source: Daniel Horkan over at DailyJoypad via GoNintendo

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