One particular Zelda track I absolutely love to see covered is Breath of the Wild‘s main theme. It brings me back to seeing the trailers and taking in those first few moments of excitement and surprise at all the new things the game had to offer. I even used a quartet version of the theme for part of my wedding processional mix! That’s why, when I saw this remastered cover by missingNo Vancouver, I was so ready to take a listen.

MissingNo Vancouver is a jazz fusion group creating groovy video game covers, with the occasional Let’s Play upload mixed in for fun. The group is comprised of a band of friends from music school who continue to share their mutual passion for video games, and they’ve been evolving over the last 12 years even as the group’s members explore their careers and life goals. We recently spoke with one of the group’s members Luis Melgar about missingNo Vancouver’s music:

Video games have impacted our musical lives so much we wanted to explore the music and create our own versions of these incredible compositions… We appreciate so much anyone who takes some time to listen and look forward to what we can continue to create moving forward.

What I really like about missingNo Vancouver’s “Zelda: Breath of the Wild Theme (remastered)” is how well all of the instruments fit together in the group’s arrangement. Each member of the group is able to shine, and missingNo Vancouver’s synergy definitely shows.

You can find missingNo Vancouver over on their YouTube channel. Other Zelda uploads of theirs include “Song of Storms,” “Song of Healing,” “Hyrule Castle,” and more.  If you like what you’ve heard, be sure to support them by liking their videos and subscribing to their YouTube channel!

What did you think of missingNo Vancouver’s jazz fusion cover “Zelda: Breath of the Wild Theme (remastered)?” Let us know down below!

Source: missingNo Vancouver

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