Reggie Fis-Aime

1Up: Many people have been getting upset at Nintendo repeatedly saying Wii HD isn’t coming, and that there isn’t really a demand for that product. Wouldn’t you say the fact that you are being asked about Wii HD shows that their is a demand for a such a product?

Reggie: HD is something we wanted to keep held off until our next console release, but the truth of the matter is that Wii HD is coming in 2010.

1Up: This contradicts everything you have reported in the last 2 years. Why now is Nintendo deciding to reveal this and why did you not do it sooner?

Reggie: We really weren’t sure how big the actual market was for such a product. The Wii itself is still selling well and for the longest time we felt that their wasn’t enough demand. However, we have a very strong “core” line of games this year both in house and through the 3rd parties, and it’s clear that those core gamers would indeed be willing to turn in their Wii’s for an HD version. Titles that are already released, such as Red Steel 2, do have Wii HD support already built in.

1Up: How soon can we expect the product?

Reggie: No official release date is prepared, but the plan going forward is mid July. We are going to launch the console with free copies of Link’s Crossbow Training 2, a product which will be used to help push Zelda Wii later this year.

Source: 1Up

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