Realms of Hyrule Back Online

Realms of Hyrule has been going through some rough the times the last few weeks. They were having some hosting trouble, and through an attack of their site, their database was wiped clean. The site was in shambles with all of its forum posts seemingly gone forever.

However… just a few days later, Realms of Hyrule is now back online. Unfortunately though, the forums are now brand new and all previous posts are gone forever. For those of you unfamiliar with what Realms of Hyrule is, perhaps I should once again give a brief summary. At most Zelda site forums there is usually a small section for text role playing. Creating fantasy characters and putting them in your own imagined world. Realms of Hyrule takes this idea, expands on it, and applies it to the Zelda World.

Users are able to create their own character, choose a race, (Deku, Goron, Zora, Gerudo, etc…) and place their character in the world of Hyrule. The RPG uses a fan made map of the western portion of Hyrule from Adventure of Link. You can take your character from place to place within Hyrule, creating stories and legends as you go. Interact with other users created characters and more or less do whatever you’d like with your character.

Perhaps one good thing about the Realms of Hyrule starting fresh, is that newcomers are now more welcomed then ever. Since threads and posts are all brand new, no new member at the forum should feel like an outcast to the normal group. If you are interested in taking part of the textual RPG over at the Realms of Hyrule, head on over to their site by clicking the link below. If you are just interested in finding out more information, check out the instruction manual that they have put together, expanding on how the RPG actually works.

Realms of Hyrule
Realms of Hyrule Instruction Manual

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