Link VS GanondorfTelling fans of The Legend of Zelda that Ocarina of Time is a great game is like walking into a Doctor Who convention and telling the people there that the Daleks say “Exterminate!” Well, you don’t say! Some people have gone a bit beyond this and tried to figure out just how and why it is good. Some have tried to criticize the parts that they liked less, only to have the fans call for their public execution. The channel Really Freakin’ Clever, known for its series 64 Things Wrong With Ocarina of Time, a tongue-in-cheek look at the game, takes a serious look at the game and tries to figure out just why it works: the adventure you go on, Link’s growth both physical and in what he learns over the course of the game and finally his struggle with Ganondorf. Watch the video after the break!


Do you agree with the things said in this video, or maybe you think the creator is wrong and is overanalyzing things? Or maybe he missed a few things? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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