The talk of the town always seems to revolve around console Zelda

games. Even now when people talk about the future of Zelda, it always

centers around what the next console release will be since as the

pattern shows, that should be what the next release is. At times like

this, it’s always nice to sit back and appreciate just what the other

side has been offering us over the years that just might go unnoticed.

Pocket Gamer, a UK site dedicated to handheld gaming systems, recently took us back in time and broke down each handheld Zelda release. From original games to rereleases of classic console titles, it does a fair job at quickly identifying what made each installment on the handhelds unique. As an example, it talks about how many people consider Link’s Awakening one of the best 2D games to date, then they talk about how A Link to the Past is considered to be a cornerstone in the entire series, and end with a nice bit about how Nintendo fullfilled it’s promises when they were hyping up Phantom Hourglass.

It’s a good read for any Zelda fan, and it’s a nice introduction into games that I am sure many out there have yet to play. For what it’s worth, this piece has inspired me to run off and play The Minish Cap one more time.

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