Phoenix Wright on Machinima

For all you Ace Attorney fans, Machinima has recently created a comedy series based on the famous Nintendo defense attorney, Phoenix Wright. Machinima is a great online entertainment network that provides various game footage as well as humorous original series made with a vast variety of video games. I am a huge Phoenix Wright fan, so this got me quite excited indeed. Brought to you by Dexterboy124 of Machinima, this is the first episode of Phoenix Wright: Bullshit Evolved. Now, of course, my Zelda fans, I have not forsaken you.

In The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Mistakening, Link must face a final, arduous task in order to save his dear kingdom of Hyrule. Can he do it?

And of course, an obligatory bonus clip of silliness. This awesome Wind Waker parody is by Laura Kerger aka Artistgamergal on Youtube.

Darn little kids these days…

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