With the approaching release of Phantom Hourglass in Japan, we now have our hands on some new images from the game. Not exactly game play footage, but these two shots are from the introduction of the game. You can view the shots by clicking the links below.

The artwork puts Link and his friends in what looks like a puppet show. I wouldn’t say they are Wind Waker type artwork, but it’s definitely something different. It looks like something you would find in an elementary school art class. Nonetheless, it does look interesting.

As several Zelda sites have pointed out as well, Phantom Hourglass has received a 39 out of 40 rating from Weekly Famitsu. Scoring higher than even Twilight Princess which received a 38 out of 40. I have to say, this is seriously looking like the most promising Zelda to date. Maybe not as epic as Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, but with the rapid success of the Nintendo DS, I can foresee Phantom Hourglass giving Ocarina of Time its run for its money at 7.6 million game sales. Only time will tell.

Intro Image 1
Intro Image 2
Source: The Hylia

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