Phantom Hourglas Goodies, A Layout?

A few more Phantom Hourglass content updates today. I’ve added a small new page about the multiplayer big plays that you can achieve while playing online with a friend. It just has a listing of all the big plays, along with a short description of what you have to do to accomplish them.

I’ve also taken the time to finish up the Heart Containers guide. This was actually one of the first Phantom Hourglass pages that I added back near the release date of the game. I’ve redone some of the descriptions and filled it up with some screenshots from the guide.

Also, on the right side of the site, you might have noticed one of our Site Features has changed to ‘Layout 16’. You might be thinking, wait, what, another layout so soon? You guys just got this one in November. That is true, layout 15 is still relatively new, but we are always looking towards the future. We have some super duper huge plans with the site and it is going to require us to completely change the overall look to best satisfy our needs. It still might be several months away but just wanted to give you guys the initial heads up of what is going on.

Phantom Hourglass Big Plays
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers

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