Here it is, folks – the first real footage of the mysterious Wii game Pandora’s Tower originally revealed at an investors’ meeting a couple months back, now finally shown off. It’s a pretty short clip, with no sound whatsoever aside from a soft background tune that seems to suggest some kind of melodrama. The game has an interesting visual style that doesn’t try to overextend itself from a technical standpoint – not to say it’s not pretty. Looks very much to be a game that’s heavy on the action, perhaps taking cues from the popular Devil May Cry and other similar series.

Still don’t know too much about it aside from that, but it’s neat to see a game surface from a genre that Nintendo doesn’t get its hands into very frequently. A note on the developer, Ganbarion: they have previously delivered games from the One Piece and Jump Stars franchises. At the end of the commercial you’ll catch a glimpse of the release date – May 26th in Japan.

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