Scalpers are nothing new on the internet, so it’s no surprise they are taking advantage of the limited nature of the Majora’s Mask 3D Bundle. I know most gamers find this practice appalling, as these folks are taking away preorders from people who actually want to keep the product. Most also have no issue if someone wants to resell it later down the road – but it’s the practice of buying these only to turn around and resell them right away that seems to irk people the most. That being said, if you have some cash to burn and want to ensure you get a bundle, you can buy them right now off Ebay.

Many of them are open auction items, but there are a handful of buy it now options as well, with some of them even providing proof of purchase so you know they are legit. Personally, I’m neither for nor against this practice. What I am is grateful that this even exists for it to happen to.

Source: Ebay

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