Futurama BenderIn all the article writing and news reporting we do here at ZI, it’s easy to forget there is more to our site then just great reads on the front site. From our wonderful game content to our glorious Zelda Cartoon coverage, there is always something to do here at ZI. One aspect we seem to neglect the most is talking about our ever growing Forums. Recently upgraded to IPB 3.0.2, featuring many new features including Facebook style profiles, there has never been a better time to join. Not only that, they just surpassed the 20,000 post milestone, and are nearing 300 members. A pretty impressive BALLIN’ feat considering where we were just a year ago.

If that wasn’t good enough, today also marks the return of our gallery. While it’s not back to its former glory yet, and has but a couple hundred images, we are slowly working on restoring it to it’s former glory… and beyond. So now is as good as time as any to check that out and get involved in our Forum Community.

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