Every day we have great conversations with many of you here on the site in our comment section and through our various social media outlets. The problem with most of this conversation, while fruitful, is that it’s disconnected. While that’s the nature of the internet at times (despite social media’s best intentions), I feel there is a way we can all communicate more thoroughly.

By no means am I suggesting you should stop commenting – please do. However, I will implore you to maybe check out and join us in a more thorough manner – our Community Forums. Many of the active members have been here for years – but that’s the point, I know them all extremely well because I can always rely on them to be there for all the big conversations. I don’t want to make any of you feel like a number, but in general, I only know a couple commenters by reputation of always being here. I try to converse with as many of you as I can, as does the rest of the staff, but we want to feel more like a real community. A connected community that strives to be one of the most forward thinking places on the net for Zelda.

More importantly I feel like we shouldn’t be so disjointed as a community. As such we have condensed our forums down to three primary boards – ones for all Zelda related discussion, one for us talking about literally anything else, then a third to help organize and contribute to our budding Zelda Wiki. We strongly feel in condensing the boards, we can strive for a more connected and centralized focus when we’re talking about the series we love. Conversations on Zelda U, as an example, don’t only need to be going on when we happen to have an editorial, daily debate, or news piece. It can be an ongoing venture every single day, as can talks about any number of theories or other games. This is what the forums are for – to keep this conversation going. Not only that, but it’s a great way to get discovered by us. 72 Hours Remains, as an example, was noticed by us because of the forums.

I implore you to give our community a chance! We hope you’ll be happier for doing so.

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