Ordona the Light Spirit

Zelda Wiki.org has released another article in their wiki exclusive series. ‘Ordona – The Guardian Spirit’ comes to us from Zelda Wiki user Embyr 75. Twilight Princess’s interloper backstory can be described as ambiguous at best in many regards, but one recurring question is why only three of the Light Spirits banished the interlopers. What about Ordona? Just because Ordona guards a province outside of Hyrule is that why he/she is absent?

I’m going to call this article quite speculative, because although it abounds in references real convincing evidence is absent. Nevertheless, the idea is raised that Ordona was in fact the guardian spirit of Link himself. The protector of the hero. A bold statement indeed. I can’t say I agree in any way, but it does make me think of the numerous possibilities in many ambiguous aspects of Twilight Princess. Give it a read yourself and see what you think.

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