I am ErrorWe all make mistakes, it’s only human, but some mistakes are far less forgivable than others. In a recent advertisement run by Nintendo for The Wind Waker HD, there was quite a big one! No, Nintendo didn’t just mess up “your” with “you’re” or misplace a comma, they misspelled the main antagonist’s name!

Hit the jump to see this horrible error!

Well here it is:




Oh yes, that’s my favorite Gannondorf quote! I love it when good old Gannon says that! All jokes aside, this is a really bad mistake! Not only that the people creating the advertisement misspelled Ganondorf, but the fact that not a single person corrected it. His name at the bottom is the largest text in the ad, and it takes literally two seconds to read through the entire thing, so knowing that it made it into circulation somehow is remarkably laughable. The funny thing is, without that horrendous mistake, it’s really not half bad. It reminds me of how interesting Ganondorf’s character was in The Wind Waker, and actually serves its purpose in making me want to purchase The Wind Waker HD.

So what do you think? Can you overlook a mistake that big? Did this make you laugh? Leave your comments below!

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