With all the excitement for Ocarina of Time 3D running around, our local music maestro has done something truly epic. No, this is not the Hyrule Field theme merely redone in 8 Bit. This is remastered using Game Boy’s Custom 8-bit Sharp LR35902 CPU. That’s right, this could actually play on the original GameBoy. Seriously, I almost like this better than the original, that’s how good it is. Look forward to more Zelda Informer exclusive music mixes.

This was created by one of our top fans, (likely staff to be) fennechelix (as you can see credited in the video). He’ll be bringing ZI a lot more exclusives as time moves on, but I think we can all agree this piece trumps his previously released 8 Bit Ganon Theme.

You can download this song here, though remember that all uses of the song are © Zelda Informer and thus require our permission to distribute.

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