It’s been awhile since we simply featured some good old fashion Zelda art, so when I came across this immediately after coming home from work today I just knew I had to share it. This particular piece of work is by P-OLAK, who created the entire masterpiece in the free to use GIMP program. It really captures the amazing scene of our first 3D adventure in Hyrule quite well. I still remember as a kid when I first stepped out into this vast world and just felt so free. Grant it, the freedom was limited in that you had to do things in a certain order for the most part, but the vastness was something I had not previously experienced.

Thinking back on it now there are a lot of issues with the field, not the least of which is how poorly populated it was, a common complaint about Twilight Princess. However, Ocarina of Time got away with it because back in 1998 hardly anyone had even seen a game like this before, so there weren’t any expectations going in.

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