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The news coming from Zelda Dungeon and their hands on experience with Ocarina of Time 3D just keeps coming. This time it’s about impressions on the 3D graphics and the gyroscope. First noteworthy thing is that both are optional. We already know that the 3D slider allows you to adjust the intensity as well as completely turn it off. Likewise, if you don’t want to use the gyroscope, you can use the more classic controls.

As many have already said, 3D is blurry at fist until you get the setting right and in your own “sweet spot”. Mases talks about how you need to stay focused on the 3D, otherwise it appears blurry every time that you look away and you’ll need to refocus. With that done, the 3D visuals for Ocarina of Time are fantastic, and easily the best we’ve yet seen on the 3DS console – though it’s still only just starting.

As is to be expected with this remake, the 3D is really just a novelty that enhances the visual experience. The game hasn’t been adapted or changed to make the 3D directly used in any of the puzzles. It’s just about enhancing the experience.

On to the gyroscope, it is reported as feeling strange and doesn’t necessarily make things easier – just more realistic. They do take a bit of getting used to, and as well as controlling items like the bow, hookshot and slingshot, the gyroscope also controls the camera. So yay, we have a controllable camera. If you’ve ever leaned your body and controller sideways to see around a corner on a TV screen, well you won’t be weird anymore, because that’s exactly how you look around with the 3DS.

In summary Mases notes that he found it difficult to enjoy both the 3D and gyroscope at the same time, because moving the console took the screen out of focus of his “sweet-spot”. Overall the features really are impressive, but if they bother you they can just be turned off. After all it’s Ocarina of Time, so playing it in 2D with no gyroscope will still be a fantastic experience.

Source: Zelda Dungeon

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