Zelda Ocarina of Time Cover

Us Zelda fans in Australia have been expecting to receive Ocarina of Time 3D on June 30th, when it is officially released. However, retailers such as EB Games and JB Hi-Fi are already selling the game. They are not yet available on the shelf, but if you have a pre-order or ask for the game over the counter you can already get your copy.

JB Hi-Fi is apparently sending out text messages that pre-orders can now be picked up. We have more details on EB Games though. If they have stock in store that covers their pre-orders you can purchase over the counter, and of course, if you have a pre-order you can pick up your game as soon as your local store has it in stock. You don’t have to wait until next Thursday.

The original source for this here is no longer all the evidence we have. We’ve been able to confirm it for ourselves. Some of our fans on Facebook have investigated EB games on Swanston Street Melbourne and found that it is indeed available.

I just got off the phone from calling my local EB Games, and they’ve told me that their stock will be arriving on Monday afternoon. They have permission to sell it over the counter, so long as they have enough stock to meet their pre-orders, they just can’t put it on the shelves. My local EB store will be calling customers with preorders as soon as the stock arrives.

I’d say it is safe to assume metropolitan areas already have the game ready for sale, but outer-superb to rural areas won’t until early next week. So Zelda fans – don’t wait until the official launch next Thursday. Give your EB or JB a call and find out when they are receiving their stock.

It seems to defeat the purpose of the big launch parties next week, and it does make you wonder whether Nintendo of Australia has authorized this. Nevertheless, this is not something to complain about.

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