Two bits of news for you today. First up, I have at long last started the Ocarina of Time Video Walkthrough, which is available on both YouTube and Veoh. Originally, it was going to be on Google Video as well, just like the Twilight Princess Video Walkthrough, but it seems Google Video has canceled their services (you can no longer upload videos, but can still watch ones that are already up). That being said, below is a link to our OoT Video Walkthrough page. If you intend on watching them, I suggest you use that page, as it has links, the embedded video, as well as useful info.

In other news: My wife and I just had our 1 year anniversary and to celebrate, we’re going on a vacation to Hawaii. We didn’t travel for our honeymoon last year because of college, but this year we have a little wiggle room. See you all in a few weeks

Ocarina of Time Video Walkthrough, Chapter 1 – Kokiri’s Emerald

~ Caleb
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