Ocarina of Time 3D Video Walkthrough - Ocarina of Time Video Walkthrough
Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Video Walkthrough. The walkthrough below is a complete 100% Ocarina of Time guide that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and enemies, the collection of all heart pieces, gold skulltulas, and guides that take you through all of the many side quests through the game. You can also check out the Ocarina of Time Textual Walkthrough which has screenshots and maps to help you through the game. Discuss the game over at our Ocarina of Time Forum. You can also check out this walkthrough on our YouTube channel.

Chapter 1 - Kokiri's Emerald First part of the game up until you get Kokiri's Emerald.
Chapter 2 - Princess of Destiny Leaving Kokiri to find the princess in Hyrule Castle.

Chapter 3 - The Mighty Collection Collecting a bunch of goodies before the next dungeon.
Chapter 4 - Goron's Ruby Death Mountain Trail through Dodongo's Cavern.

Chapter 5 - Zora's Sapphire Zora's River through to Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
Chapter 6 - Timely Appearance Collecting stuff, and finally, the Temple of Time.

Chapter 7 - Forest Medallion The return to Kokiri Forest to do the Forest Temple.
Chapter 8 - Fire Medallion Back to Death Mountain, tackling the Fire Temple.

Chapter 9 - Ice Cavern Tackling the frozen Ice Cavern and the Biggoron Sword.
Chapter 10 - Water Medallion Cleansing Lake Hylia and the Water Temple.

Chapter 11 - Within The Well Getting the Song of Storms and conquering The Well.
Chapter 12 - Shadow Medallion Completing the creepy Shadow Temple.

Chapter 13 - Spirit Medallion Ownage of Gerudo Fortress and the Spirit Temple.
Chapter 14 - Ganon's Castle Final collections followed by the final showdown!