Zelda ChroniclesToday we welcome Zelda Chronicles as the newest partnered website here at Zelda Dungeon. The webmaster of the site, Crono, is a long time friend of mine and former webmaster of Zelda Dungeon, so let’s welcome them aboard! Their site has a handful of interesting articles and projects planned out and much of them will be featured right here at Zelda Dungeon including the one listed below.

For those of you who started the series with the Ocarina of Time, you might remember that there was much discussion and debate whether or not Link actually acquires the Triforce within the game. In fact, it went so far as there being numerous Zelda websites online that offered sections specifically for triforce rumors. Well, the folks over at Zelda Chronicles have recently brought back this long debate topic in a recent post of theirs listing many of the Ocarina of Time Triforce Rumors. Listed below is an example of one of the triforce rumors.

Throw a bomb before ganon’s castle in the center of the lava circle to uncover a secret passage to the sky fortress, where you will uncover the sky temple, this is where you will find the three triforce peices.

Think that rumor sounds crazy, then check out the rest of the rumors and you’ll be surprised! They include everything from having to play a perfect game, an obnoxious sequence of steps, to there being a complete sequel to Ocarina of Time dedicated to getting the triforce. It really is crazy how some of these rumors came to be and actually, it makes for excellent fan fiction nowadays. Be sure to head on over to Zelda Chronicles and check out the rest of the Triforce Rumors listed.

So what memories do you all have of the triforce searches in Ocarina of Time? Are these rumors something that you all tried yourself at one point? Have you even heard of these crazy rumors? Does this just show how much of a cult following that was established during the days of Ocarina of Time? Let us know by posting in the comments below!

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