Ocarina of Time 3DS Playthrough

In the video below, you can watch as someone plays through the first few minutes of Ocarina of Time 3DS. It’s in Japanese, unfortunately, so most of us won’t be able to decipher the commentary, but the main point of the video is to get a closer look at what Ocarina of Time 3DS is shaping up to be. The 3D effects make the gameplay look a little blurry, but some conclusions can be reached nonetheless. It appears as if the environment hasn’t changed too much from the original game, aside from the expected graphical updates. The menu looks completely different, however. Additionally, the main objectives (i.e. obtain the sword and shield before going to see Great Deku Tree) seem to have been left intact.

What are your thoughts? Did you notice any changes I missed? Is the game shaping up to your expectations? Leave a comment and let us know!

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