The folks over at Nintendo 3DS Blog have recently done a side-by-side comparison of Ocarina of Time Screenshots from the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo 3DS. This includes all screenshots that we saw from months back, as well as the recent ones at last weeks Game Developers Conference. We have all the comparison screenshots available in this post, so just make the jump to check them all out.

One thing that stands out is the resolution difference, as the Nintendo 3DS does have a wider resolution than its N64 counterpart. Another thing that really stands out to me is the added brightness. The battle with the stalfos and with Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple really looks nice and bright in the 3DS version, while they appeared very dark and dull in the N64 version. The added detail that you can see when Sheik is playing the Harp, when Link is swimming in the Water Temple, and within the Bazaar shop really stands out as well.

I wasn’t overly excited about Ocarina of Time 3D when it was announced, but with each subsequent screenshot, article, and comparative piece, I am slowly but surely getting a bit more pumped for the game. I’d still much rather see a new Zelda 3DS game and I’m looking forward to Skyward Sword much more than I am Ocarina of Time, but it’s still something I’m excited about.

So what are your thoughts? Is your excitement for Ocarina of Time 3D building as we are gearing towards the release of the Nintendo 3DS? Would you have much rather seen a new Nintendo 3DS title? How about another game in the Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks style of DS titles? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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