Old guysBy now, everyone is aware of the Iwata Asks series. The most recent one has to do with the development of Ocarina of Time, and all the hard work and innovation that went into it. Many of the things discussed in the session are things that Miyamoto has mentioned in a few interviews with various media outlets. The most common one is that Miyamoto wanted Ocarina of Time to be a first person experience. I usually never question Miyamoto’s brilliance or anything, but I for one am glad that Ocarina stayed in third person. It gives the game an overall cinematic quality to it. Oh, and speaking of cinematic quality, did you know that Shiggy (Miyamoto) didn’t like the cinematic sequences in the game? This confuses me a bit, as the cinematic events really added the extra depth to the story.

Remember when Zelda and Impa come charging out of Hyrule castle? How she throws the Ocarina of Time to Link? Imagine if that was just a scripted event. Now let’s say for some strange reason you had no idea it was going to happen, and you’re just running around in circles holding a deku stick. Yeah, that whole moment kind of loses its mojo

Other interesting things that are mentioned are the inclusion of Z-Targeting, which was being discussed during the development of Mario 64. If you remember correctly, the game was first developed on the Mario 64 engine. Also, at one point, Link had a button nose, until the wife of developer Koizumi asked him why none of Nintendo’s characters had a proper nose. Can you imagine how ridiculous Link would look with a button nose?

Perhaps my favorite quote in the interview, was “You don’t just cut the sign, but float it in the pond. When Miyamoto-san saw that, he burst out laughing and said, ‘Now that’s The Legend of Zelda!’” You heard it right here people, a sign floating in a pond is very Zelda-esque. Perhaps Miyamoto is right though, a piece of wood floating undisturbed in a pond, simple and beautiful just like the Zelda series. You can read the full eight pages of Iwata Asks at Nintendo’s website. Also, be sure to leave a comment about anything that you personally enjoyed from reading it.

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