November Featured Artwork

Mina and Zant Artwork

This months artwork updates features five new pieces from North Castle.

~ Zelda Fan Artwork ~
Midna and Zant by StellaB
Saria by Sarah888
Become Small by Malu CLBS
Legend of Zelda Circa 1989 by DairyKing
The Legend of Zelda by Boba2009

This is one of the best artwork updates that we’ve had in my opinion. So many gems features. I personally think that Midna and Zant is really amazing. The level of detail is just astonishing, and it really gives off a strange, gloomy feel when looking at it. Additionally I think The Legend of Zelda has a beautiful choice of color and it really comes out really nicely.

Which ones are your favorites? Head on over to the Fan Works section of our Zelda Forums to discuss the latest artwork additions.

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