Nintendo's Koji KondoVideogame music enthusiast site Original Sound Version got a chance to sit down with Koji Kondo to discuss the soundtracks of Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword. They talked mostly about the olden days and how Ocarina of Time 3D‘s soundtrack has held up over 13 years, but they also turned to Skyward Sword towards the end of the interview.

You can already tell from the title what Kondo had to say (and some of our more musically-inclined readers have also already noted this as well), but check below for the full quote.

OSV: While we’re reminiscing about your work on Ocarina of Time, would you like to take the time to share with us what we can expect from Nintendo’s next Zelda title, Skyward Sword? Are you once again responsible for the music, and if so, who will be working with you, and what tools are being use to compose the music? You mentioned at E3 last year that since the Super Mario Galaxy team got to work with a live orchestra for large portions of that score that you were hoping to do the same with Skyward Sword. Can we expect more live orchestral music for Skyward Sword?

Kondo: Our next title, Skyward Sword, also has a wide variety of impressive songs, and it has new musical gameplay elements. Hajime Wakai is in charge of the music, but I also participated in making songs. My composition tools are an electronic piano and a Mac. We use orchestras for a few different songs where we feel that doing so is appropriate.

I’m probably not the only one who’s thinking this, but I really really hope that “a few songs” is just a terrible understatement and that the reality is that most of the full-length music tracks, such as area themes, character tunes, etc. get the orchestra treatment. Sure, little things like the item jingle and the “you solved a puzzle” chime might not be worth using real instruments for, but if we’re expecting something on the level of Super Mario Galaxy that darn well had better be what we get.

You can check out the full interview at Original Sound Version.

Source: Original Sound Version via GoNintendo

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