It’s usually a rare occasion when someone at Nintendo makes a slip up.

Of course, we can’t expect them all to follow our favorite franchise as

much we do, right?

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power in North America, there was a question about the Zelda timeline and if there was an official timeline. In response, Chris Slate, the Editor and Chief of NP, claimed that there is no official timeline, but some obvious direct sequels.

This would contradict what Shigeru Myiamoto said back on April 23rd, 2003, in Superplay Magazine:

Superplay: How do the Zelda games timelines link together? Is there any

connection between the different games, or do you take tell us a new Zelda story

each time?

Shigeru Miyamoto: For every Zelda game we tell a new story, but we actually have

an enormous document that explains how the game relates to the others, and bind

them together. But to be honest, they are not that important to us. We care more

about developing the game system… give the player new challenges for every

chapter that is born.

Ever since he said this, there have been an enormous amount of quotes with each new game release talk about where each game sits in timeline. So in this case, I’m calling out Chris Slate. You’re a busy man, but be sure you know the answer to the question before you answer. There is an official timeline, a massive document apparently on it, but unfortunately it will never see the light of the public eye.

It’s ok, we forgive you. Now, if you had said something crazy like Pikachu originated from a flying saucer that was created in Hyrule, then I’d have a real bone to pick with you.

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