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Not only do we know the time of Nintendo’s press conference on June 15th, we now know that it will last two hours. How do we know this? Why because I just got emailed my invitation! No, I wont actually be attending this year, but we still have plenty of stuff in store to make sure we stay on top of all the buzz. That being said, the biggest news is the fact that the conference will last two hours. This is notable because lately (like, the last three or four E3s) Nintendo has only done an hour long presentation. The fact they extended it to the normal two hours (what Sony and Microsoft do) tells me that they have a lot more planned for us than ever before. We all know we will finally see Zelda Wii, and of course Metroid: Other M will make another appearance, as will Sin and Punishment 2 along with the Nintendo 3DS. It’s what we don’t know that is most exciting. Will they play Zelda Wii live on stage? We can only hope!

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