And, sorry, it’s not actually streaming “here” – it is, however, streaming here, so check it out live if you can. If you can’t, of course, as I said before for the 3DS event – don’t go skipping school or anything just to catch it. We don’t even know if there’s going to be any important news, and besides, we’re going to be tallying all the info as well as any trailers, screenshots, boxart, etc. here (yes, actually “here” this time) anyway.

UPDATE: 20 minutes until the keynote! Just to make sure I catch all of the keynote and don’t miss anything that might be insightful or important, I am not going to update this post live like I did with the 3DS event. I figure anyone who’s around to follow live updates would probably be watching the keynote anyway. I will, however, be taking notes and will relay all of the pertinent stuff in a post later in the day, so don’t worry if you missed the keynote, you’ll still be up to speed!

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