Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Hylian TextAs of today, Nintendo Of America started sending out clues for a Hylian message through Twitter. For now, they’ve only sent two letters/clues, but we’ll sure know more in the days to come.

I wonder what this is all about. It may be some new stuff about Skyward Sword, but my guess is it’s all about Ocarina Of Time 3DS. Nintendo used the hash tag “Zelda3D” in their second tweet, so that could be proof – or maybe not. New secrets maybe? Remember back then when people would come out all sorts of rumors like being able to enter a certain “Light Temple”, or else – that you could possibly get through Forest Temple’s main room roof to enter the “Sun Temple”, rumors were quickly rejected by most people. But now in this remake, they could add anything.

So, let me show you the clues that we’re sent by Nintendo.

Here’s the first one:

Hylian Letter 1

_________ is for the man you first encounter sleeping outside Hyrule Castle. Can you make out the Hylian letter?

Here’s the second one:

Hylian Letter 2

_________ is for the the name of the Sage of Light. We have 6 more letters to go until our Hylian message is complete.

Also, there seems to be only six more letters/clues left. Pretty simple huh?

Source: Nintendo Of America via GoNintendo

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