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Nintendo has recently reserved a ton of URLs that are directly related to the Wii U(well, there’s a couple of Wii games in there too…). They contain pretty much anything that Nintendo may ever want to use for one of their websites in the near future. All the URLs are active, but only redirect you to Nintendo’s homepage. Also, Nintendo may never use all of these URLs. They are just making sure that they have them just in case. Here’s the full list:

  • kirbywii.com
  • mariobrosu.com
  • newsupermariobrosmii.com
  • newsupermariobrosu.com
  • rhythmheavenwii.com
  • rhythmparadisewii.com
  • supermariobrosmii.com
  • supermariobrosu.com
  • wii-u.com
  • wii-u.net
  • wiibalanceboardu.com
  • wiifitu.com
  • wiimusicu.com
  • wiipartyu.com
  • wiiplayu.com
  • wiispeaku.com
  • wiisportsu.com
  • wiiubalanceboard.com
  • wiiufit.com
  • wiiumusic.com
  • wiiuni.com
  • wiiuniverse.net
  • wiiuparty.com
  • wiiuplay.com
  • wiiuremote.com
  • wiiuremote.net
  • wiiuspeak.com
  • wiiusports.com
  • wiiuware.com
  • wiiuwheel.com
  • wiiuzapper.com
  • wiiwareu.com
  • wiiwheelu.com

So, that’s a pretty extensive list of websites. And some of them are pretty hilarious, actually. My personal favorites are wiiuniverse.net and wiiplayu.com. What are your’s?

Source: Nintendo World Report(via Kotaku)

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