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So for those of you lucky enough to be a regular subscriber to Nintendo Power, you may have received your next issue already. If you have, then you already know what I am about to say, so bear with me. There was a massive Skyward Sword feature that revealed a lot of new details. While I don’t have the issue yet, and thus can’t provide any scans, I can at least highlight some of the bigger points

For starters, Princess Zelda is confirmed to be in the game, though we don’t know in what capacity. Before you jump to conclusions, there was no mention of Ganondorf. To many gamers relief, and maybe to many gamers distaste, it was stated that Nintendo doesn’t feel voice acting fits with the Zelda series. I personally have always said that voice acting for every character but Link would add more depth to the story, but Nintendo disagrees. More power to them.

The beetle may be used in racing related games and tasks, something I am not sure many people saw coming. These could be required to progress through the game, or just simple mini-games. At this point, it doesn’t appear they are going to be making that clear until the game comes out. I do know the beetle does look intriguing, as being sort of like a super enhanced boomerang (in terms of picking items up and carrying them).

Also, to my own delight, Miyamoto has no upended the tea table… yet. In many previous iterations, Miyamoto has upended the tea table, making major game changes or shifts in the later development. I have always felt such changes have actually handcuffed Eiji Aonuma’s creative nature, so I am really happy to see that not happening this time around. This could possible be the title that defines Aonuma’s career..

Source: [GoNintendo] via Zelda Universe

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