What made OoT the way it is? Why has the game game been able to last as long as it has at the top of all games for the last 10 year? Mr. Aonuma has all of those answers and more. He sat down with the people form Nintendo Power, and talked about his experiences with OoT, and how it was unique to him.

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It really is a good read for those of you wanting to find out even more about the #1 game of all time.

“I’m happy that a title I worked on some time ago remains highly

praised to this day, but that also shows how none of the subsequent

games in the series have surpassed it. As someone who is still working

on the series, I have mixed feelings about that. Because I haven’t yet

surpassed it, I can’t quit. Surprisingly, that simple motivation may be

the reason I continue to work on the Zelda series.”

What if that day never comes, Eiji?

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