I just can’t believe what’s been happening in Japan. When I heard about what happened, I actually surprised myself – despite having a few friends in Sendai, and of course the fact that Nintendo HQ is located there, my initial reaction wasn’t to think of either of them. A few years ago I might have been a bit more selfish. In any case, I’m the last person anyone cares to hear about right now.

Nintendo and a number of other Japanese software publishers all joined together to donate to the relief effort – more than generously. The top donations of course came from Nintendo and Sony, each of whom contributed 300 million yen, which comes out to about $3.6 million and change in U.S. currency. Some software publishers are projecting delays and service cutbacks for some of their products to save energy in the face of the possible nuclear crisis, so we might want to consider that the same might happen for Nintendo. Either way, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan and I’m hoping things don’t get any worse than they already are. A few delays won’t hurt.

Source: Nintendo Japan via Andriasang

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