E3 is just around the corner, so before we really kick off the hype train we first need to know when all the big news is hitting right? Well, you all need to sit down in front of your TV’s and computer monitors on June 7th at 9am Pacific standard time. We are still working on a deal to provide you a live stream of the event, and naturally we will be reporting all the news in similar fashions to previous years. What sort of coverage will we be providing during the big date? Hop in to find out!

One benefit of relaunching VGRC last year (despite it’s fall) is that we got a lot of experience doing Live blogs, as we live blogged most of the major conferences. Given that our focus is going to solely be on Nintendo, you can expect us to bring you the best Nintendo live blog on the net. We’ll be doing everything we can to bring the conference to you through text. Throughout the presentation we’ll naturally be answering questions and we will continue to answer questions for at least one hour after.

Naturally we’re going to be all over anything big – so expect everything “under” the live blog to be completely flooded with news posts. We’ll naturally have a massive recap at the end of the day for each major event – such as a Massive Zelda recap, then another post recapping Project Cafe. As the event moves on, we hope to bring you footage straight from the show floor and tons of screenshots.

E3 is also a haven for interviews, and if we happen to get any exclusives you’ll be the first to know. However, we’ll also be gathering interviews that are across the entire net for your convenience all in one place. Even if Reggie and Miyamoto are just repeating themselves, sometimes they have let small things slip through the cracks.

In the end, we hope to provide some of the most comprehensive coverage of not just Zelda (lets face it, we’re going to be all of Ocarina of Time 3D and Skyward Sword’s nutz), but all major game announcements such as Super Mario 3D and who knows… maybe even Pikmin!

We hope to see all of you here on June 7th for the biggest news rush of the year.

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