No this isn’t a rumor, it’s just one fan crying out to Nintendo to give his lovechild the same due Ocarina of Time 3DS has gotten. While I realize a remake is mainly a graphical upgrade, I don’t care. Any excuse to play Majora’s Mask again is an excuse to enjoy one of the most underrated games in the giant gaming world. It’s cult following is strong (hello Zelda Informer staff), but more importantly there is an entire generation of gamers today that likely haven’t even heard of the game. While Ocarina of Time 3DS is going to sell well off name alone, Majora’s Mask could invite some intrigue and possibly show a renewed interest in it’s overarching style. However, is it actually a distinct possibility?

Lets face it: Majora’s Mask was a flop sales wise. People could not get into the 3 day system and the difficulty was so ramped up from Ocarina of Time that people simply weren’t ready for it. However, with master quest now becoming widely available later this year for the first time ever (no limited special edition only), everyone is going to get a taste it seems of a harder Zelda. That may actually pave the way for Majora’s Mask to be a realisticly possibility. Nintendo surely is aware of the following the game has gotten over the years, and if I would put a lot of money down that at least someone at Nintendo has taken the time to read The Message of Majora’s Mask. There is a lot we gamers can take away from the game, and the time is ripe to introduce it to the new generation. A generation more accepting of change.

Nintendo always does what they want when they want, and I think everyone can agree we would much rather Nintendo work on a new exclusive 3DS Zelda than another remake. However, with Ocarina of Time 3DS already crafted it’s much easier for them to redo Majora’s Mask, just like it was for them to create it back in the late 90’s. So, it would be cost effective to create the game, thus if it sells even 500,000 copies it would have to be viewed as a success.

I don’t have any inside information, nor have I heard a single rumor. Majora’s Mask may never come to the 3DS, but I will plead with Nintendo until the very end. Bring this overlooked gem to a new generation, and let them envelope themselves in an entirely refreshing experience.

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