I know some out there feel Japan may be going a bit overboard on coverage of Hyrule Warriors (I mean, it seems really popular over there to be fair), but it’s hard to think anything but good thoughts towards the next official stream. I say official, because Nintendo owns part of the company that runs NicoNico, the place that has been regularly hosting Hyrule Warriors streams the past month. This time around it seems perfectly reasonable – the 14th is the day the game comes out.

What we’ll see is anyone’s guess. Given that the full retail game will be out, anything is possible. There will also be many streams of the game from those that have imported the game the next week, so be prepared for there to be a ton of spoilers this week (and maybe next). We’ll be sure we are labeling all of the posts with spoiler warnings for your convenience.

Getting back a little bit into the point of “overhyping the game” – the sentiment I have seen is that the game doesn’t deserve the same hype as a regular Zelda title. In Japan I disagree, since Dynasty Warriors is almost as popular as The Legend of Zelda here. It would feel weird if they had a similar campaign here in the United States, but they don’t. Japan is going to get this sort of hype because the game is as big as a normal Zelda release, and may even sell better than recent The Legend of Zelda games in Japan. Maybe. Wii U install base might shrink it, that or the game is a system seller. We’ll see!

Source: NeoGAF

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