We have a slew of news pertaining to the New Nintendo 3DS thanks to some diligent work by our friends at Gamnesia. According to them, a high up member of the GameStop company has confirmed that they have received promotional material for the New Nintendo 3DS, though they are not allowed to put it out in the stores yet and they don’t know when it will be announced in the United States. Their computer system also states that the system will be released on February 13th in the United States, which may go right along with the promotional material they already have. It is entirely possible that this is the official release date. GameStop may begin taking Pre-Orders on the system as soon as tomorrow – suggesting a big announcement regarding the system is imminent.

You can pre-order the system in Europe right now at select retailers. This is important to note because if the system also launches in February there, it confirms part one of a rumor we posted earlier today. The next part involves New 3DS bundles for Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4, which are both entirely possible. The GameStop source at Gamnesia also confirmed you can get $75 trade-in value for a normal 3DS or $100 trade-in value for a 3DS XL if you trade them to help purchase the new system.

Whatever happens, it’s clear the New Nintendo 3DS is about to launch fairly soon. Are you ready? Is your wallet ready?

Source: Gamnesia 1,2, Nintendo Everything

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